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7 Trends That Will Change The Future Of Mobile Application Development

With over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications downloaded per year, mobile development is certainly one of the innovative and actively growing sectors. The mobile application market is arguably dominated by Google apps (Gmail, Maps, Search), Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), and Gaming apps (Angry Birds, Temple Run). Giants like Walmart, Bank of America, and Amazon are using mobile applications for branding, improving customer engagement, direct marketing, etc.
Mobile application development is driven by advancements in technology which requires businesses to have a vision for the next few years. Below are some of the trends which will determine the future of mobile application development.

Smart Apps and Augmented reality
We already have the apps based on the augmented reality. The craze of AR-based apps is finished however it is still considered to be the future of app development. It has a wide variety of uses, and it is ensuring a complete view of computer-generated virtual images and the user’s reality. This complete view is increasing the customer’s interactivity and engagement which are the two basic objectives of every marketing campaign. That is why it is considering to be the next step of marketing business and sales productivity.

Innovative methods for Mobile Payment
Brands like Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung have already launched new mobile payment options for e-commerce. However, it is still not getting that success that these brands were expecting due to several reasons like security concerns. That is why these brands are working on this and with the quality analysts and precise programming to keep that method as secure and transparent as possible. That is why we are very optimistic that in the next few years, mobile payment is going to be the new phenomenon and more and more companies will start developing the apps that will help the users to enjoy cash-free life.

Cloud-based apps
Our images and videos are going onto the cloud and saving the storage memory of our smartphone already. From the smart apps for businesses to the apps for entertainment, browsing and messaging don’t matter how big it is in size, with the cloud there is no need to worry about the internal memory shortage for your phone. In short, smartphone companies are now not going to use their phone’s internal memory as their unique selling point.

IoT Apps
Internet of the thing is still a unique and fascinating wonder of the technology. It is connecting almost every electronic device in the home and the app developers have also find the way to make it better with the apps too. This technology is already advanced and engineers are still working on it to make it better and better. To help them out, now the mobile app developers are also developing the apps which are going to make using everything easier for those who are using the IoT home appliances.
The IoT industry is at its peak at the moment, and people are stumbling over themselves on the house devices.

Android Instant Apps
Whenever you like any app, you download it from the app store and install it on your smartphone. It is a traditional method of using an app, and we all know that. Because the latest technology is strictly against the cliché, that is why this method is going to be changed soon too. In the next years, we will be able to experience any app without installing or downloading it on your smartphone. The developers are working on this project and got a lot of success in this. For this, you will only need a smartphone and high-speed internet.

Apps that will secure our smartphones
Many of us use our smartphones as our minicomputers in which we save almost every detail of our life. From the important contact information to the credentials of our social media and bank accounts. We have everything in our mobile, and it is exposed to every possible threat of getting hacked and then misused. The development community already anticipates this issue, and they are working on it too. This is why it is safe to say that in the future our smartphones will be as safer as our computers and we can store our important documents in it without any fear.

Trust of the small businesses
We know the stories of famous startups that have become the giants of today. Take an example of Uber and how it is now ruling the transportation industry all over the world without owning any single cab. They all did this with the help of an app. That is why it is most likely that this trend will continue in the next years and more startups will become the giants too just by using the apps for business.


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