How You Can Use Family Sharing Feature on IOS Devices?-

What is the Method for leaving the family group?

First, you have to open the Settings app. Then, you should go to the Account banner. After this, you just have to click on Family Sharing. Here, you have to select your name from the list. At last, you just have to touch the Leave Family button.

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Family Sharing on iOS is one of the best feature, in which peoples can share their purchases with their family members which they made on iTunes and App Store. In this, you can also make the Family Sharing group, in which the family organizer will approve the permission to purchase stuff by the other members within the group. In case, the children also want to make some purchases, then in that case, the parent will have to approve it first. Webroot team just wants its user to be aware of this excellent family sharing feature on IOS device. You can easily install this best software through This software protects your device from all online scams which are created by hackers.



How you can Set up Family Sharing on iPhone or iPad?

In this, first you have to open the Settings application on your iOS device. Then you should click on the Apple ID option which is at the upper side of the screen. Now, you should select the option called Set Up Family Sharing. After this, you have to tap on the Get Started button. Then, just press on Continue button which is at the bottom. If you want to add a picture, you can. At this point, you have to click on Continue button again which is in the Share purchases screen. You should tap on continue to give confirmation to the payment method. Then, you have to click on the Share Your Location button just to share it with the members or Family. In case, you want to skip it, then touch the Not Now option. After this, go to Add Family Member link. Here, you have to enter the name of the person which you want to add. Now, enter the security code and check it. You can keep adding others till it’s done.

You can add maximum six people to the Family Sharing group.  And the members of the family sharing group will gets alerts through email and also through message on their phones so that they can accept the invite.

How to Accept a Family Sharing Invite on iOS devices? -

First, open the Settings app which is in the Home screen. Now, you have to touch the Apple ID banner which is below the Search tab. Then, you just have to scroll down and click on Invitations. Here, in the Family Sharing Invitation screen, just click on the Accept button which is in the bottom left side of the screen. After this, just click on the Confirm button or you can select another Apple ID. Now, in the Share purchases screen, you have to click on the Continue button. Then in the Share your location with Family screen, you have to select Share Your Location option or you can select Not Now.

How to Assign a Parent or Guardian?

In your iOS device, you have to click on the Settings app. Then, you have to click on your username which is at the top of the screen. After this, you have to scroll down and then select Family Sharing. Here, you have to select the person which you want to add as a parent or guardian. You just have to toggle the switch to Parent/Guardian in On/Green position.


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