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The Best 10 Tips on How to Use rockbird media to Grow your Business

5 Of The Best Crystals For Manifesting Abundance

To say that last year was a roller coaster ride might just be the biggest understatement of the century. The pandemic hit us all differently, but that doesn't mean you can't start fresh this 2021, manifest abundance, and create new beginnings.


In times like this, it's more than relevant for people to be guided and harness the Law of Attraction. Whenever you are in a state of limbo and feel uprooted from your reality, it usually means that you are close to a breakthrough, so don't let your faith waver.


If you truly want to manifest abundance, success, and positive change, you should start with gratitude.


Remember, what you continuously think persists and becomes your reality.


The Law of Attraction doesn't just attract your desires; it also brings in your fears if you focus more on what you lack!


"It is impossible to bring more into your life if you are feeling ungrateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings you emit as you feel ungrateful are all negative emotions."

― Rhonda Byrne


With this new year, it's high time that you begin to manifest the abundance you desire through intentional healing. One of the most sought after mediums of this is through crystal healing.


Discover and harness these five crystals to bring success, prosperity, and positive change into your life this new year.



Every crystal collector and beginner has to have one of these "solidified sunbeams" to attract prosperity. Known as the "Merchant's Stone," Citrine is heavily used by entrepreneurs and individuals that want to generate plentiful blessings in their careers and businesses.


Maybe you're thinking of creating a small eCommerce shop. Or maybe you finally want to start monetizing your side hobbies. Whatever passion project you have, you can begin to attract prosperity through Citrine's healing properties.


Not only that but just like the sunny warmth it emits, Citrine also helps you feel more cheerful and grateful for the blessings you have, no matter how small they may be.


Wear Citrine jewelry pieces from earrings, bracelets, rings, to necklaces so you can harness its manifesting powers more effectively.



Have you been pondering on taking that new jump in your career? Well, Aventurine's healing properties can nudge you in the right direction.


This healing stone helps you become more receptive to new opportunities that will lead you to success. More often than not, you won't be able to see these pieces fall into place, but with Aventurine, you can start building connections in your career path.


Alongside this, Aventurine is incredibly healing for the heart as it helps in stabilizing your emotions. If you have just been laid off or undergone any heartbreak, Aventurine can help soothe your pain and redirect you to your dreams.



This crystal may be known as "Fool's Gold," but it definitely doesn't fool around when it comes to bringing abundance! Pyrite’s healing properties empowers you to become more articulate, creative, and motivated with work and your passions.


This crystal aids you to be more receptive to learning and helps you shift your mindset. This is incredibly helpful, especially if you want to become a team player in your company or you're in the creative field.


You can wear a Pyrite bracelet or necklace whenever you're in the process of creating new ideas for your career for a higher chance of success!



This well-known healing stone is a symbol of power and protection. Jade has long been used by royalty and is now a staple stone to have if you want to bring fortune into your life.


A famous Chinese saying once stated: "You can put a price on Gold, but Jade is priceless."


True to these words, Jade is priceless because it protects your aura and attaches you with luck you never thought possible. It doesn't only attracts wealth, though; it also promotes a cycle of balance.


This cycle means that you won't be overly fixated on receiving and attracting wealth; instead, you also become more generous with it.


Jade is a priceless stone to have as it fills you with gratitude and protects you as well. Place a jade ring in your purse or wear a Jade bracelet every day to feel its manifestation prowess.



This fiery stone by nature is one that will boost your creativity and empower you to take all challenges with a stroke of passion. Carnelian's healing properties often manifests in the form of confidence and competence.


It attracts prosperity in a sense by giving you mental fortitude and courage to tackle opportunities that you are so afraid of facing. The fear of failure is often one of the core reasons why you can't attract success.


Wear a Citrine necklace or earrings whenever you want to ace that application interview or propose an unconventional yet effective business plan. This healing crystal helps you defeat impossible odds so you can achieve your goals.


Ways to harness these crystals

Before anything else, you must first cleanse your crystals through smudging, singing bowls, moonlight baths, or white light visualization. Choose whatever cleansing technique fits your crystal.


Once you do so, it's time to put them to use!


Wear crystal jewelry

The more near you are with your crystals, the more pronounced their manifestation powers are. The best way to wear these crystals is through necklaces as they don't disturb you with your writing or any activity instead of rings and bracelets.


Earrings and other accessories are ideal if you're not working on your desk but meeting new prospects of opportunity. May it be a job interview or business meeting.


Create a crystal grid of abundance

Another way is by creating a crystal grid with all of these crystals. You can place a large Carnelian stone at the center, then surround it with four Citrine, and add an outer circle of the other crystals.


Once you lay them out in your desired order, just visualize a white light connecting each one of them and project your intentions.


Place this crystal grid somewhere that they won't be disturbed. Leave this aesthetically pleasing grid for at least 30 days and meditate on it every time you wake up!


"Attracting" success shouldn't be the endgame here; you have to earn it as well! The law of attraction doesn't mean that you only have to meditate, sit, and wait for your desires to arrive. You also have to take action and be accountable.


Yes, mindful and intentional activities like crystal healing are highly beneficial, but these are just mediums!


Remember that your destiny is in your hands, and these crystals will only empower you and not do all of the work on their own.


"Humans operate on three levels of reality; we think, feel, do. In order to manifest in the physical world, we must put the rocket fuel behind our thoughts (emotions) but must also take physical action to make it happen. That's the missing key to the Law of Attraction."

― Michelle Arbeau


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