The Best Ways To Heal A Heart Chakra Blockage


There are seven known chakras on the metaphysical body, and once they are activated, you'll feel like your best self. However, when one or multiple chakras are blocked, negative patterns, emotions, and physical manifestations will plague you. When you have a heart chakra blockage, your relationships and perception of love are affected.


But first of all, why should you care if your heart chakra is blocked? Does it have a significant impact on your life? What happens when you leave your heart chakra blocked for long?


Uncover the secrets of a heart chakra blockage and how to heal it so you can be your best self always.

The heart chakra is commonly depicted with a green halo and is found at the center of your body. It is the fourth primary chakra, and it governs love, relationships, and understanding.


Your heart chakra is what makes you feel more receptive to beauty and love. It helps you be more attuned to your emotional needs and communicate your feelings.


Whenever this chakra is aligned or unblocked, you will feel more grateful, empathetic, compassionate, and more aware of the emotional ties in your life. It helps you understand your relationships better, and you can embody the Divine Feminine.


This means that you will become more nourishing for other people, and there is harmony present.


In a sense, the heart chakra is what makes you feel and appreciate your humanity.


Now, what happens when you have a heart blockage?


You self-sabotage and cling to the past.


If you find yourself feeling aimless each day and you're just looking for your next fix to numb the pain in your heart, this might be a tell-tale sign that your chakra needs some healing.


Whenever you experience intense emotional trauma, you'll often cling to nostalgia and hoard any kind of stimulus just to distract you from reality.


You know deep down that you're just prolonging the pain by suppressing it, but it becomes detrimental not only to your heart chakra but also to your physical health.


If you feel stuck and often dwell on the what-ifs, you will only spiral down indefinitely.


You are codependent with your partner and have an extreme fear of letting them go.


They say, "it takes two to tango," but it does not mean that you should always be with your partner in every aspect of their life. You have to remember that you are two individuals and not one.


Whenever you seek your partner for every approval, constantly monitor their actions, or feel like you just can't live without them, then that's a huge red flag.


Yes, there's a harmonious give and take aspect in every relationship, but codependency will only cause many future problems. If you fall into this trap, you'll never feel whole, and you will lose your power to forge your own life.


You criticize yourself way too much.

Do you often discredit yourself whenever your hard work is paid off? Do you feel that you can never be enough? Are you always downplaying your skills?


Whenever you listen to the whims of your inner critic, you'll always feel depleted, worthless, and aimless. You turn to other things for approval and even develop self-sabotaging tendencies because you don't believe in yourself.


Here are the other indicators that you have a heart chakra blockage:

§   You always put yourself in the role of the savior in any kind of relationship, or you have a victim mindset

§   You try to please everyone at the same time

§   You don't know how to express your true feelings, so you just bottle them up inside

§   You have deep grudges

§   A heart chakra blockage can manifest in physical ailments, but the emotional impact is far too damaging.


How to heal or unblock your heart chakra


You have to heal your heart chakra because if not, you're only going to limit the joys in your life. Once you realign it, you'll feel more receptive to the beauty of life despite the many challenges you'll be facing in the future.


Daily Affirmations/Mantra with Meditation

This is by far the simplest but also the most challenging practice in realigning your heart chakra. Daily affirmations don't need to be lengthy, you'll just have to repeat the things your love about yourself or the praises people give you, but you don't acknowledge.


At first, this will feel like you're just fooling yourself, but once you believe in it and practice it consistently, you'll soon see a significant change in your mood.


The law of attraction states that what you constantly think becomes your reality. So, start your day with a daily affirmation, no matter how trivial it may seem, and you'll feel a little lighter.


Crystal Bath and Pampering

Sometimes, you just have to take a day off and do the things that make your heart happy, no matter how small it may be. Detach yourself from the negative emotions by stimulating yourself but make sure that it is slow and steady.


You have to be mindful of your self-care routine that it doesn't turn into self-sabotage. Only pamper yourself in a way that your mind will be at ease, and you'll feel contemplative.


The perfect way to incorporate intentional healing is through a crystal bath. You just have to set up your bathtub with essential oils and include a Rose Quartz crystal.


Hold the crystal while you are listening to music or meditating in the crystal bath, and you'll slowly feel lighter and perceptive. Rose Quartz's healing properties are known to nurture your heart with self-love and help you be more receptive to life's beauty.


Meditation with a crystal grid

If you're not comfortable with a crystal bath, another alternative is through meditating with a crystal grid. Crystal grids are, in a way, a form of medium that amplifies loving energy to you.


Create a crystal grid consisting of these healing stones and crystals that resonate with the heart chakra at a higher level:


§   Rose Quartz

§   Rhodonite

§   Aventurine

§   Amethyst

Wear or keep a Rose Quartz jewelry piece with you at all times

If you find meditation quite tricky, then the best way will be to wear a Rose Quartz jewelry piece every day. It may seem inconsequential, but this crystal's healing energy becomes more amplified when it is near your heart for long periods.

Wear a Rose Quartz necklace so that it can be placed near your heart chakra, and its healing properties will realign your negative emotions.


With Rose Quartz and other mindful activities, you'll soon see your heart chakra nourished back to life. Above all else, learn to accept help in any form, you're not alone in this journey, and we hope you'll come out of your problems with more compassion and strength.

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