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The Best 10 Tips on How to Use rockbird media to Grow your Business

5 Different Ways To Display Healing Crystals


More and more people have discovered the beauty of crystal healing. While some might believe that only "official" crystal workers have the right to harness one, today, many people have become enthusiasts with these powerful tools.


May it be in the form of healing crystal jewelry or ornaments, crystals' value has grown into full bloom. Alongside this, it's undeniable that crystals' aesthetic value is also a major factor to consider.


If you're just a budding crystal collector or already have a vast collection but don't know how to flaunt them, then here are some interior tips that can help you create a beautiful set up for them!


5 Different Ways To Display Healing Crystals


Crystal Grids

One of the best ways to display your crystals in your home is by creating a crystal grid. While some might think it's just a way to mix and match your crystals for display, a crystal grid is far more valuable than that.


A crystal grid represents the union of sacred geometry and crystals with the intention of manifesting your desires, dreams, and goals.


Sacred geometry is present in everything in this world. You can see it from the concentric marks of a tree trunk depicting its age, the genetic makeup of the human body, and the whorls of galaxies in the cosmos.


When you make a crystal grid, you align the stones and crystals' energy through sacred geometry. You then amplify it by your intentions and shooting it to the Universe.


There are different crystals to include in a grid, depending on your intention. Here's a list of crystals that you may incorporate to amplify what you desire to manifest:


I. Crystals for success and wealth

·         Aventurine

·         Citrine

·         Jade

·         Pyrite

·         Tiger's Eye


II. Crystals for love

·         Rhodochrosite

·         Rhodonite

·         Rose Quartz

·         Garnet


III. Crystals for clarity

·         Celestite

·         Rutilated Quartz

·         Clear Quartz


IV. Crystals for communication

·         Chrysocolla

·         Labradorite

·         Lapis Lazuli

·         Sodalite


V. Crystals for protection

·         Hematite

·         Jade

·         Red Jasper

·         Shungite


Your crystal grid can then be placed on your nightstand or altar, where you can meditate with it or just gaze at its beauty. Usually, crystal grids last for 30 days or when the next moon cycle is up.


After your first crystal grid, you can then create another one with a different intention. The great thing about crystal grids is that they are interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and perfect for mindfulness.


There's a lot more detail to creating one, though, so check out our guide on how to make crystal grids for manifesting!


Place depending on the Feng Shui Energy Map


Another way to harness the prowess of your crystals is to keep them in the corners of your home that heavily resonates with their energy. Each healing crystal is designed to meet different intentions. 


There are precisely nine spaces in the energy map with each purpose. Although not all homes have this kind of layout, you could always apply the Feng Shui energy map in relation to your room.


Place your crystal clusters or stones in this area, and if you're a little extra, you can also bring your crystal grids here! 


An important thing to note is you could also place specific crystal clusters in your main entrance to bring a protective aura and block negative energies enter your home.


You can place either an Amethyst cluster, Obsidian, or Jade ornaments here. Here's also some of the best crystals for protecting your energy.


Crystal Terrarium


A cute and dainty way to decorate your work desk or nightstand is by creating a crystal terrarium. Terrariums are usually used for indoor plants, but this is also applicable to your precious stones!


If you only collect tumbled stones, you can layer your crystals in any kind of terrarium and place them on your desk. You could also create specific crystal terrariums based on your intentions.


For example, you're an artist or content creator by profession; you can create a terrarium with crystals like Pyrite, Labradorite, and Amethyst to spark your imagination and bring creative flow.


If you also like to be more focused while working, you can have a crystal terrarium with calming crystals. Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli, and Clear Quartz can be your option here as well.


Having a crystal terrarium is a great way to display your crystals in an elegant and dainty manner. Plus, it's definitely doable!


Place in your garden

Crystals naturally thrive in their surroundings, but their environment can also benefit from their energies. If you have a pocket garden in your home, you can place your crystals near your plants. Most of them will react positively, and if you have crystals like Tree Agate, Moss Agate, and Citrine, you'll be surprised with the rapid growth of your plant babies!


Display in a geometric shelf


There's just something so enthralling when you see a shelf with each crystal displayed in all its glory. Having a personal space for each of your crystal collection is just so great to admire.


Display your own crystal collection in any of these methods as long as it resonates with you! There's no right or wrong way to do this, and you can even alter it to your liking!


But you should remember that crystals aren't merely for display. You also have to learn how to harness their prowess so that you can benefit from their healing properties.


Here's a guided article that can help you discover the basics of healing crystals.


Healing Crystals Guide: Essential Crystals For Healing & Thriving


If you want to learn more in-depth about each crystal healing properties, then check out our Healing Designed blog!


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