The Best Crystals for Protecting Your Energy


The healing properties of crystals are as faceted as their crystalline structure. In fact, each crystal has a different healing specialty; you just have to find your intention in order to choose one that resonates. 


There are crystals to attract love, crystals for abundance and success, and even crystals that empowers you with confidence. Most people have grown to believe that these healing properties are only good for manifesting. 


But there are healing crystals that protect and maintain your life force instead. Spiritual protection is essential for everyone, for, without it, your manifestations can simply dissolve.


In order to start attracting, you first have to heal and protect your core. It will only be useless to manifest if you exhaust your energy chasing these rather than nurturing your energy first.


These protective crystals can help you feel grounded, inspired and bring stability into your psyche. 


The Best Crystals for Protecting Your Energy



Shungite is popularly known as the "Stone of Life" because of its excellent purifying properties. One fun fact about Shungite, though, is that it was found in the depths of Lake Onega in Russia, which was believed to be polluted before. However, Shungite's purifying prowess had cleansed the waters, and its deposits were then used for a healing spa in the area for hundreds of years.


The healing properties of Shungite cover both physical and emotional imbalances. Crystal workers use it for relieving body aches and is submerged in drinking water as an elixir.


On an emotional level, Shungite helps you to realign whenever you are stressed or overwhelmed with work. It relieves anxiety and imbibes you with renewed strength so you can be driven once again. 


Shungite is a transformative healing crystal that aids your body to gain vitality and balance. It shields you from harm and is incredibly beneficial no matter what state you are in right now.


Smoky Quartz

This healing crystal focuses on clearing the impurities clouding your mind and heart. It protects your energy by ensuring that you have clarity and are not clouded with fears, doubt, and self-inflicted pain.


Smoky Quartz's healing properties involve untethering your aura from the various negative energies that have clutched on to you. This may be caused by energy vampires or the ill wishes of other people for you.


Energy vampires are technically the people in your life that sucks away your happiness to benefit their ego. Most of the time, they will make you question yourself, make you feel undeserving, and invalidate your struggles.


They project their insecurities to you so you'll feel inadequate. No matter how inconsequential your encounter with them maybe, their negative effect on you can manifest in compounding ways, especially on your self-perception.


Cleansing your thoughts with Smoky Quartz can make you feel rooted and more comfortable with yourself again.



By far one of the most popular healing crystals, Amethyst brings protection to your energy, especially when it comes to your dreams. Whenever you are plagued with nightmares or unable to rest because of your overactive thoughts at night, Amethyst can help you relax and feel at ease.


Its calming and sobering effect silences the cacophony in your mind. Alongside this, Amethyst also makes it possible for you to avoid your addictions. It protects you from self-sabotage and ensures that you stay on track of progress.


Alongside this, this healing crystal also stimulates your creative flow and helps you realign whenever you are on the verge of burnout. Keep Amethyst with you at all times, but especially when you're at work, so you will feel calmer and emotionally stable. 



Mostly known for its moniker, "Fool's Gold," Pyrite is a transformative crystal that sparks inspiration, abundance and brings protection. It acts as an energy shield once you possess it, and it prevents your energy from "leaking" so that you remain unbothered whenever you're near negative vibrations.


This protective shield that Pyrite endows you with also ensures that you feel more empowered and motivated. Having that sense of solid security helps you be more in control of your life.


Not only that, but the other healing properties of Pyrite also encourage you to be more perceptive to progressive thoughts. This makes you more open to change and also brings innovative ideas to you.


Pyrite is a highly protective stone that brings stability to your life but also sparks other areas.



The healing properties of Obsidian mostly involve blocking negative thoughts and patterns from taking root in yourself. This protective stone draws out the mental stress you have been inadvertently nurturing.


You'll often feel your stress levels rise not because of the actual factors that caused it but also by how you think of it. The more you fill your mind with how stressful you are or how you can't get things done because of the said stress, the actual magnitude of it will balloon even more.


Obsidian reminds you to take stock of your thoughts and help you refocus your energy so that you won't be overwhelmed. It also helps out in banishing self-destructive thoughts that only hamper your growth.


Healing crystals for protection don't merely reinforce your boundaries on external energies. Instead, they also help you reframe your negative thought processes into positive ones to nurture what makes you feel empowered instead.


The beauty of these healing crystals is that their primary purpose is to help you restore balance, so you can eventually forge the path that resonates with you the most.


At the root of it, most of the negative energies that bring you down are self-inflicted. Of course, there will always be negativity from your environment, but it only gets magnified if you let yourself drown from it.


Having resiliency for negativity isn't enough; you also have to learn how to slow down, acknowledge your feelings, and learn to forgive yourself so you can eventually grow into full bloom. 


Invest in protecting your energy so you won't always have to fall back on starting from scratch in your progress chart. 


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