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15 Best Ways To Use Healing Crystals To Benefit Your Life


Healing Crystals

Nikola Tesla once said, "Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation." Healing crystals for millennia have been coexisting with human life. Whether it be during the Stone Age, the rise of Egyptian kingdoms, the Renaissance, or in the 20th century, these stones have been used in different ways to bring harmony in our lives.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a reiki healer or spiritual guru to use and benefit from crystals. In fact, a resurgence towards the use of crystals has been seen in the 2020 Creative Trends study by Shutterstock.


This new "Occulture" has made it possible for everyone to acknowledge and experience what healing crystals can do for their lives. Some crystals help attract wealth and abundance; there are also other crystals for self-love, and some can help you transition from heartbreak or grief.


Whichever your intention is, a multitude of crystals can help you manifest what you want. They can be all yours for the taking! If you're just new in this and don't know where to start with your crystal collection, you might like this introduction for crystal beginners! If you're still here and want to learn how to use them, then read on.


Here are the 15 best ways to use crystals to benefit your life


1.       Identify the current problem in your life that needs to be addressed

Before you use crystals, you have to identify the areas in your life that can specifically benefit from them in the first place. In this way, you can pin down the kinds of crystals that you should get. Of course, some crystals like Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, and Rose Quartz are excellent crystals to begin with. However, choosing crystals can be overwhelming to anyone at first!


Once you pin down the current problems, the crystals' healing effects can be more evident for you. You see, this goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. When we think of the things we lack in life, we begin to attract it inadvertently. These issues become a predominant problem, but once we channel our intentions with crystals, we begin to see positive outcomes.


Crystals are like vessels and amplifiers. The key to using them effectively is by identifying what you need them for.


2.       Cleanse and empower your crystals

Crystals are living beings, and like us, they also need to recharge in order to function. While you don't necessarily have to bathe your crystals every day, their healing properties are enhanced when purified. This is because some of the negative energy stored in them is released back to the Universe.


The first thing you need to know about cleansing them is that you have to correspond them to the element they resonate. There are Earth crystals, Fire Crystals, Water crystals, and Air crystals. Each of them is empowered when purified with their element. For example, Jade and Aventurine, being Earth crystals, resonate more when buried in the Earth overnight. Another factor to weigh in is being aware that some crystals can fade or crack with other cleansing methods that may work for others.


With that said, here are some of the ways to cleanse your crystals.


3.       Exposing them to moonlight

Line up all your crystals overlooking a window where the moonlight can pass through. This is one of the methods that is nourishing and has no adverse effects on them. You can check on your calendar when the full moon is set to rise so you can schedule your crystal cleaning.


Even if it rains or it’s cloudy on a Full moon night, it doesn't necessarily affect its cleansing power. While direct moonlight would be excellent, the latter is still effective.


4.       Charging them under sunlight


Another way is by exposing them to sunlight for about 5 minutes and not longer than that. While this can help crystals like Citrine and Red Jasper that correspond to the Sun's energy, it can also cause other crystals to fade in the long run rapidly, so make sure you research if your current collection can be vulnerable to them.


5.       Smudging them with Sage or Palo Santo


Smudging is the act of exposing your crystals from the smoke emitted by Sage or Palo Santo. You just have to place your crystals in a metal bowl and light your stick and wave the billows of smoke in its direction. Sage is a healing herb that is great for purification, and Palo Santo is a sacred wood from Peru that has a much subtler scent. Both of them are extremely helpful in purifying not just your crystals but also your space.


6.       Music through Tibetan singing bowls


These bowls are made out of bronze or brass and have originated in Tibet. Singing bowls like tuning forks or bells are used to cleanse through sound. When cleansing with singing bowls, you should never put your crystals inside when you strike it. The crystals might get damaged because of the vibration.


Just position your crystals around the singing bowl, and once you strike it, gently keep on circling the stick to continue the sound. You may keep on doing this while projecting your intentions and stop when you feel like it. Authentic singing bowls have a melodic tune rather than a loud clang, so make sure to test them out first before buying one.


7.       Soaking them in running water


Water is the universal symbol of emotion, and it empowers crystals more, especially when your intentions to use them are for alleviating emotional issues. Usually, natural running water like the ones in springs or rivers is the best. However, you can still wash them using your faucet instead.


Make sure to submerge them completely for around 1 minute and nothing more. Some crystals shouldn't be cleaned with water, though, especially ones that are under 5 in the Mohs hardness scale. However, this isn't always correct because some hard crystals with iron ore can still rust in water.


Water is a corrosive element as well as saltwater, and while other websites often recommend this, it can tarnish and dissolve the crystals over time. To guide you, here are some of the crystals that can be considered safe to be cleaned in water:


·         Agate

·         Amethyst

·         Aventurine

·         Carnelian (should not be soaked in saltwater)

·         Citrine

·         Moonstone

·         Clear Quartz

·         Smoky Quartz

·         Snow Quartz

·         Rose Quartz

·         Rutilated Quartz

·         Tiger's Eye

·         Red Jasper


White Light Visualization


This is probably the most ideal and hassle-free way for you to cleanse your crystals. Place your crystals near you or cup them in your hands while you're sitting in a comfortable position. Now visualize a beam of light flow from the top of your head towards your heart and streaming down your arms to your hands.


Continue visualizing this until it envelops your crystals and imagine negative energies in the form of smoke or dirt falling away from your crystal. You direct your energy into them through your intentions.


Last but not the least is be grateful to your crystals. The act of caring for them creates a bond between you two and can further empower them to help you manifest your goals.


8.       Begin by setting your intentions and program your crystals


Whenever you bring a new crystal to your home, it always helps to set your intentions on them, especially if you will be using them long term. While crystals already have inherent healing characteristics, their help will only be aimless when they are not programmed to fit your needs.


Take your crystals and meditate on them while setting your intentions in the form of a mantra. For example, if you have Aventurine, you can specifically program it so that its properties to heal the heart are more prominent than its capacity to attract abundance.


You can still benefit from its other properties, but it has become more efficient because it has direction led by your intentions.


9.       Place them in strategic points of your home based on Feng Shui


Whether you want to attract wealth, new love, or career opportunities, Feng Shui and crystals go hand in hand to amplify what you want to manifest. The Bagua or Feng Shui energy map lays out the symbolism of each space in the floorplan. There are about eight of these illustrated in the infographics below.


If you want to enhance a particular area in your life, you can place your crystals in the space that corresponds to their inherent healing properties. For example, if you want to attract love in your life, you can place Rose Quartz on the farthest right space in your home or room that symbolizes romance or marriage. If you want to gain more material wealth, you can position Citrine in the farthest left corner, the abundance space. This way, your intentions can manifest into fruition because your home is aligned and amplified with these two principles.


You can also protect your home from negative energy to attach to you by placing them near your front door since it can easily block them. Black tourmaline is usually the best crystal for this purpose as it dispels psychic attacks and EMF to enter your space and will only leave neutrality. You can also pair this with Amethyst as it can also help for spiritual protection and grounding.


10.   Promote good health and enhance your plants


If you have a garden or indoor plants that seem to have difficulty sprouting new leaves, placing crystals near them can also rejuvenate their growth. Crystals like Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst, and Quartz can bring them back to good health. However, Moss Agate is by far the ideal one as it specifically brings agricultural abundance. It is even widely known as the "gardener's stone" because of its healing effect on plants.


11.   Using them in specific treatments in connection to your chakras


Each crystal has unique energy signatures and corresponds to different chakras. Their healing properties and colors align with either the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, or crown chakra. Below is a table that specifies the general benefits of different crystals towards the chakra based on color.




Pink and Peach

·         Emotional imbalance

·         Gently energizes your system



·         Energizes more forcefully

·         Resonate with reproductive system

·         Aids blood-related and inflammatory conditions



·         Mental and creative energizer

·         Resonates the Leydig gland above the testes (produces testosterone)

·         A seat of kundalini power


Yellow and Gold

·         Mental and nervous stimulators

·         Resonate with neurotransmitters, adrenal glands, intestines

·         Balance your mind and emotions



·         Calming and associated with the heart, eyes, and thymus gland



·         Resonate with subtle levels of being and opens metaphysical abilities



·         Mystical qualities

·         Resonates with the pineal gland

·         Affects mental healing


Violet and purple

·         Resonates with the pituitary

·         Regulates metabolism

·         Regenerating the body

·         Opens to higher awareness


Black and Brown

·         Detoxify ground energy

·         Protecting the body from harm


Combination Stones

·         Synergize the effects of the colors and constituents


Each chakra has a specific domain in your life and empowers you in different ways. When they are blocked, unbalanced, or overstimulated, it can manifest through physical sickness or emotional turmoil. Here's a detailed chakra guide for you if you want to learn more about them.


12.   Use them during meditation


Meditation is no easy feat, but you can achieve peace of mind through constant practice. Intentional meditation is a lot more than just sitting still though. When you meditate with crystals, you place them in your hand and think of your reflections or what you want to currently manifest. It won't be easy to concentrate at first, but the key here is mental resilience. Once you practice day by day, it will only be like muscle memory for you.


13.   Wearing crystals as jewelry


Physical proximity is an ideal way to benefit from healing crystals. While you cultivate your home to radiate their energy, you can be continuously guided and protected once you leave your space if you wear it with you. For example, if you're going to an athletic meet, wearing Red Jasper can help enhance your vitality and protect you from accidents while on a trip. If you're at a business meeting and you need an extra boost, wearing Jade can help you to close the deal successfully.


Wearing it with you helps amplify your intentions and balance your chakras when the crystals are near the affected areas. Depending on the kind of crystal you have, it will continuously work for you when worn regularly. May it be as unassuming as a ring, necklace, earrings, bracelets, anklets, or even a keychain, it can do wonders even without you noticing at first.


14.   Using them as a totem


Whenever you feel unsure about a lot of things, keeping a totem in your pocket can relieve your stress or anxiety. Smaller versions of crystals like tumbled stones can act as an amplifier or a guide for you when kept in your purse or pocket.


For example, Amethyst is an excellent totem of sobriety and can help ground you whenever you feel overwhelmed with work and stress. On the other hand, Citrine helps attract abundance in your life when it is kept in your wallet.


15.   Creating crystal grids


Crystal grids are a great way to enhance your intentions further to fruition. This is also a creative and fun way for you to combine the different crystals you own. The first thing that you always have to layout first is your intentions.


Ask yourself what you need right now. Do you want a crystal grid for wealth and abundance? Love and happiness? or a crystal grid for health and wellness? Maybe you also wish for a crystal grid to help you with anxiety. Some of the tools you need to form a crystal grid are a table where you can place it, a grid cloth or any cloth you have, tumbled stones, a Clear Quartz point to activate it, and Sage or Palo Santo.


The first thing you need to do is cleanse your space by smudging with Sage or Palo Santo then laying out the grid cloth. Then you place your tumbled stones in the form you feel drawn to (a heart, for example, if you want to attract love) from the outer form until it is finished in the center. To activate it, you have to use your Clear Quartz point and "connect" the crystals by hovering the point on them while thinking of your intention. If you don't have a Clear Quartz point, you can just visualize a white light connecting the crystals.


Usually, you can leave your crystal grid in your home office or where it can be amplified based on Feng Shui. You can leave it for 40 days or when the next moon cycle comes back.


If you want to find out more about harnessing them through crystal grids, here's a specific guide that you might find helpful. You can also read about this comprehensive resource on the meanings of crystals.


There are multiple ways to harness the crystals healing properties, but the main key is always to set your intention and empower them the way they empower you. Crystals are conscious beings in a metaphysical sense, and as owners, you have the responsibility to take care of them to benefit from them.


Harness the law of attraction to your liking with the aid of crystals, and you will definitely see results.


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