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The Best 10 Tips on How to Use rockbird media to Grow your Business

5 Best Ways To Amplify The Law Of Attraction With Crystals


Judy Hall, a renowned crystal worker and author, described crystals as the “chemical imprint of evolution and Earth's DNA.” Crystals are ancient and conscious beings in a metaphysical sense. However, people are more often skeptical about their inherent properties and brush them off as mere trinkets. Think of it this way instead, crystals are energy, and likewise, we are also energy.


According to a Stanford study, an average human being at rest can produce 100 watts of power and, when running, for example, can produce 2,000 watts. Crystals like the quartz family are made out of mineral silicon dioxide, which is also a part of the human physiology. We are naturally receptive to them because of our genetic makeup.


Energy attracts energy. Vibrations attract vibrations. Like attracts like.


The Law of Attraction is rooted in this same construct, and by harnessing crystals, the energy we put out in the Universe to reach our dreams can come back to us tenfold. Crystals can help clear the fog so we can fully manifest our desires.


What is the Law of Attraction, and why should you use it?


This law's basic principle is that if we cultivate positive thoughts, the Universe will project these into positive experiences the same way if we choose to foster negativity instead. But the Law of Attraction isn't merely about shallow toxic positivity.


Our thoughts are "pure energy," and this is explained through quantum physics. In a scientific study exemplified in the documentary, The Secret (2006), the same frequency in the brain waves is achieved when an athlete was asked to simulate running in his mind. When compared to actual running, the brain waves exhibited were also the same.


The Law of Attraction posits a perpetual and unlimited construct that creates the same bandwidth of energy you project. Sometimes, even more than what you initially expected. The main obstacle only is by overcoming the self-limiting beliefs you have.


"You become what you think about most. But you also attract what you think about most." - John Assaraf


If you focus on what you lack, what frustrates you, and you let yourself be dictated by these negative emotions, you will also inadvertently attract it in your life. The key here is perception, and if you start by noticing the little things that create joy in your life rather than be inclined to let negativity run over your current mood, you will become more content and attract more of what you dream.


"Whenever you think you can or think you can't, either way, you are right." - Henry Ford


In this sense, crystals can help you start to understand the Law of Attraction and concretely channel it to benefit your life. They can help you manifest a specific goal or cultivate an attitude. It solely depends on your intentions and the crystals you have.


Different crystals respond to varying energies because of its unique composition. There are crystals for abundance, crystals for love, and crystals for contentment. There are also crystals to protect your energy, bring in good health, as well as crystals for focus.


There are thousands of crystals in the world, and some are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, this only reinforces the fact that there is unlimited potential in this world; we just have to learn how to tap into that.


How to amplify & use crystals?


In order to amplify the Law of Attraction, you'll have to do more than just decorate your space with them. Here are some things you can do to harness these crystals and manifest what you want in life.


1.       Practice gratefulness

This is the primary step in using the Law of Attraction. Every day you wake up, think of all the things in your life that you are thankful for. May it be your current living condition, that friend you always get to see at work, your dog, your family.


If you become more focused on being grateful for what you have right now, you avoid dwelling on what you lack. This, in turn, will help you foster a positive mindset and contentment in your life. The vital key here is that you should be sincere about it. You can also practice repeating mantras which are effective and easy to apply in your meditation.


Crystals are not there to become the answer to your problems. They are merely instruments that can help you channel your energy towards the Universe more concretely.


2.       Empower your crystals by cleansing them

Crystals are made differently, and their energies correspond to different elements as well. Earth crystals, for example, resonate more when they are buried in the earth overnight for purification. Crystals that correspond to the water element also greatly benefit from being cleansed in running water, and fire crystals won't do well in this setup.


It's important to be intimately aware of their properties to know how to empower them. As a rule of thumb, you could always soak your crystals in a bowl of salt or expose them to moonlight or other self-cleaning crystals.


Once you take care of your crystals, you project feelings of gratitude towards them and help negative energy stored in them to wash away.


3.       Believe in your desire by using meditation

When you visualize your dreams, hold on to it and don't ever let go. You don't necessarily have to know "how" it can happen for the Universe to do its work. By believing in the desires you want to manifest, you become more self-assured.


Through the aid of crystals, you can meditate and think of what you want to achieve the most. Make sure to choose the crystal that aligns with your goals and place them in their corresponding chakras so you can amplify your meditation.


The more you have faith in what you want, the more it can manifest. It's not just blind faith because working with crystals to amplify the Law of Attraction also requires you to change.


4.       Manifest and do the work

If you don't believe in your goals in the first place, then the crystals won't do anything for you. You might believe in these crystals' healing properties; you might, in some way, believe in the Law of Attraction, but if you don't have faith in yourself, then it will be counterproductive.


Working with crystals demands equal effort in your part. If you only use them for their aesthetic value or to put a facade on your spiritual lifestyle, then you surely wouldn't benefit from them. Crystals are a channel they transmit, receive, and amplify energy.


You have to understand that change doesn't work overnight. Crystals are there to help you instead of doing all the heavy lifting. If you focus your belief solely on them, you remain stagnant. Manifest and do the work.


5.       Positive affirmations

Practice daily positive affirmations in your life. Once you have projected to the Universe your thoughts, the only thing that's left to do is believe that you already have it in your life. Yes, this might be difficult to do at first, and you might even think that it's foolish.


But what's there to lose if you just believe? Let yourself think that it has already come into fruition because you will only feel empowered and content as time goes by.


"Ask once, believe you have received, and all you have to do to receive is feel good." ― Rhonda Byrne


Crystals are merely channels towards the Law of Attraction; they transmit, receive, and amplify energy. What's left for you to do is simply create that positive energy within and trust the process to unfold your way.


Are you ready to discover the crystals that can help you manifest? Head on to our shop and choose the crystals that call to you.


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