7 Tips to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Business

“Names Have Power” – Rick Riordan, The Lightning Thief

A name represents a business’s identity to the whole world. A business name creates a lasting first impression about it in the mind of all.

This is a very noisy world, and people do not have much time for anything. If you want your customers to recognize you as an identity that matters, your business name better be good.

Your business name is a great chance for you to create the first image of your business in the minds of your customers. It is common these days to select the business names strategically by taking into consideration factors like marketing and positioning in the market. 

“Your business is like your baby and you would want to select a great name for that baby.”

a name for business

Creating a business is like creating your legacy in this world, something that you will carry forward to your children and grandchildren. Your legacy can never have a substandard name.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few points that you must consider while naming your business. 

Short Name – Try to keep your business’s name short and simple. Example – Bata.

Easy To Remember – The name should be such that it should be easy to remember and speak. Example – Tata.

Represents Business Category – Your business name should represent your business category. Example – Pizza hut.

But try to ensure that your name should not become a barrier to your progress in the long run. This means that you should not name your business too specific to a niche. That way expanding beyond that niche might get difficult.

For Example – We have named our website Tarashme and not Amazon Selling Coach or Online Seller Training. This way our business is not only restricted to provide coaching for selling on Amazon, but we can expand into anything that helps the entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves.

4. Alliterative – Alliteration means the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighbouring words. Alliterative words are easy to remember and easy to speak. A perfect example of this Hero Honda.

5. No Ambiguity – Today, the world is a global village. If your business does well, you might have to expand your business geographically.

Therefore, you must choose a name that is not open to too many interpretations. Also, one must try to ensure that the name should not have a different meaning in another language where we might wish to expand our business in the future.

6. Showcases the Benefits – It is a great idea to name your business on the benefits that it provides. A great example is which clearly shows that loans get approved on this site. Another great example is our website which indicates that this site helps a person become the best version of themselves.

7. Rhyming Words – Naming your business with rhyming words makes it easy for anyone to remember. A great example is 7-eleven.

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a unique name for businessAlso, you must check Domain Availability and Trademark Availability if you are in the business for the long run. If you just wish to flip goods and earn a buck, you may skip this step.

To Check Domain Availability, Click Here

To understand more about Trademark Availability and how to do a preliminary trademark search, Click Here.

It can be a tricky task to come with a good name whose domain is available for a basic price and trademark registration possibility is highly likely. Here are some great tips that will help you to come up with a great name.

Combination of 2 words – You can combine 2 or more words to make a new word. A great example is Vodafone, which is a combination of Voice, Data & Telephone.

Similarly, I named the website of my existing business Popular Drawing Instruments as Premlar, which is a combination of ‘Premium range of Popular Products’.

2. Combination of 2 different languages –You can combine words of different languages. A great example is our website Tarashme which is a combination of the Hindi word ‘tarash’ and the English word ‘me’.

3. Misspell – You can twist the spelling of common words to make a unique word. Common examples include Lyft which comes from Lift, Tumblr which comes from Tumbler, Flickr which comes from the word Flicker.

4. Add Prefix or Suffix – You can add a suffix or a prefix to a common word that represents your business perfectly. A great example of this is Grammarly. 

We took almost 3 days of thorough research and brainstorming to come up with the name of our website, so I perfectly understand that it is easier said than done. That’s why I have short-listed a few sites that will get you started. Once you get some examples of names, your brain will start working better in that direction.

Advice for best firm name for business

Namelix – It is a good tool that asks you to input the keyword around which you want your business name to be.
Second, it will ask you to choose the desired length of the name. You can select more than one option as well.
Third, it will ask you to choose the name style.
Once you enter these things, it will give you a lot of options for names.

I recommend you to take a notepad and note down the names that interest you. Repeat this process with few other keywords and name styles to get a good short-listed list. Once this list is ready, check domain availability and trademark availability and finalize a great name for your business.
You can also check sites like NameMesh and BrandBucket that help to select a good name for your business.

I hope by now you feel more comfortable while deciding a great name for your business.

I wish you luck from my end in choosing a great business name that will be remembered by generations to come!

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