Be a seller and Make a Name For Yourself

Selling online has proven to be productive, cost-effective, and beneficial in recent years. Pickzon is a fantastic marketplace where you can become a seller and sell at the greatest prices in a variety of categories, including fashion, electronics, bicycles, mobile phones, automobiles, and real estate. Pickzon is the appropriate place for you if you've just established your business or want to expand your existing brand's web visibility. Pickzon is more than just a fun platform; it also allows you to sell a variety of items and find the best prices from the comfort & privacy.

How do I create an ad on Pickzon?

  • Pickzon is a user-friendly app with a straightforward ad posting process. The steps for posting ads for the things you want to sell are as follows:

  • Open Pickzon.

  • The page for the Feed will be displayed. On the bottom panel of the page, click the Mall symbol.

  • On your mobile device, all of the categories will be displayed. Select Post Ads from the drop-down menu.

  • The window "What are you selling?" will appear on your screen. Look through all of the categories and choose the one that your product belongs to.

  •  When you choose a product, a new window appears on your screen.

  • Upload your product's images and fill in the blanks with the necessary information.

  • Click "Post" once you've completed all of the fields.

  • The Pickzon administrative team will receive your ad posting request. If all of the information is valid to our knowledge, we will verify all of the data and confirm your request.

  • After that, your advertisement will be published and displayed to all Pickzon users.

  • Users that are keen to buy your product will contact you through Chat.

The Best Ways To Sell On Pickzon

When it comes to accessing a larger audience, online selling is usually beneficial. Pickzon is best short video app that allows you to communicate with people from all around the world. Selling online is not a difficult endeavour; all you need are a few pointers to get the greatest offers.

  • Post all of the product's variations: Products that are visually appealing are more likely to be purchased. As a result, always aim to provide high-quality images of your goods that are clear and crisp from all sides.

  • Time, ingenuity, and devotion are required to create a great Pickzon profile. You must be socially active and continuously communicate with the audience to be a great vendor.

  • Keep Your Audience Notified: Before you post any new ad on your profile, let your followers know about it and keep them updated. This will assist you in attracting a sufficient quantity of buyers.

  • Create instructional videos for your product: To encourage customers to utilise your product, create tutorials with step-by-step guidance. Creating tutorials aids in better informing the audience about the product.

  • Build communication to boost confidence: To boost confidence, attempt to communicate with your target audience as much as possible. The better the communication, the more confident you will be!

                                                                                                                                How do you make contact with buyers?

Buyers can contact you via Mall Chat at Pickzon, and you can have a direct chat with them. While communicating with the buyers, you can exchange the following information:

  • Discuss all of the product details that must be revealed.

  • The date on which the product will be delivered, as well as the method of payment.

  • Where should the goods and money be exchanged?

  • The product's return or exchange policy.

Is there a middleman between buyers and sellers?

The nicest part of Pickzon is that you may contact buyers directly without having to go through a middleman. It implies Pickzon assists you in locating possible buyers and allowing you to communicate directly with them.

  • When you list adverts, the purchasers will contact you directly, bypassing any middlemen. 

  • Pickzon isn't involved in the buying or selling of anything. We will assist you in discovering possible purchasers, and all subsequent negotiations between you and the buyer will be kept discreet.

Is there a fee charged by Pickzon to the Sellers?

  • Pickzon is a great place to sell a variety of items and find great discounts. Pickzon's biggest feature is that it offers free listings until April.

  • Until April 2022, there is no price for listing products on Pickzon. After that, you may list your products on Pickzon using one of the "Listing Plans" available.

  • Pickzon does not charge a commission for the products it sells to customers.

  • The sellers are the exclusive owners of the product's total value and profit.

Is it safe to sell Pickzon over the internet?

When it comes to security, Pickzon never compromises the user's safety and provides you with top-notch protection. Pickzon never gets involved in the transaction between you and the purchasers. You can communicate with the purchasers directly via Chat. End-to-end encryption protects our chat feature, ensuring that the conversation between you and the buyers remains private. No other Pickzon user will be able to see your chat, and all talks will be kept private. As a result, Pickzon is the safest online selling platform

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