How Often You Should Post On Pickzon

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What is Pickzon? 

Pickzon is a best social media app with several unique features. You can create your own persona and be a social media celebrity here. From the comfort of your own home, you may upload images, make films, sell your products, and purchase online. Pickzon is a fully - featured, best short video maker app that strives to provide a splash of entertainment while also making your life easier with its useful features. It's a wonderful blend of social networking and eCommerce platforms, from providing the newest entertainment news to buying and selling across many categories. However, there is a significant difference between being on social media and receiving engagement. You should be informed of how often you should post in order to capture the attention of users and make a valuable profile.

Photos Or Videos: Which Drives More Attention

Posting photos & videos have their own benefits. You should post both at frequent intervals to engage your audience & put in your best efforts. It is being said that videos have more power to drive engagement but posting photos are also good to get the attention of the users. Videos help to inform the users about something precisely and people like to watch them with amazement. Through Pickzon, you can make short clips with interesting music & sounds and post them on a regular basis to attract a huge proportion of users. Pickzon has a great collection of clips through which you can get ideas on how to make engrossing videos on trending songs. You can make different types of videos to reflect what you are promoting. From making funny videos to promoting your company’s brand or product innovations, you can do it all on Pickzon and be accessible to a huge audience.

How Frequent You Should Post On Feed?

The Feed is where you can share videos. Making a lot of posts isn't necessarily the best strategy to establish yourself on a social networking platform. You should be informed of how regularly you should post on Pickzon. To create a following on your account, it is recommended that you do 2-3 per week. You may get a lot of engagement on social media by posting two photographs and one video per week. It is also suggested that you do not post more than one photo per day, as this may cause the viewers to become confused. Furthermore, research shows that publishing many times a day might reduce interaction and harm your profile. As a result, always emphasize quality over quantity and limit the number of posts you publish per day.

How Often To Post On Stories?

Using Stories to inform and interest an audience is always a good idea. Pickzon only keeps stories for 24 hours. The ideal number of stories to post per day is 1-7. This basically implies that you should write at least one and up to seven Pickzon Stories posts. You can promote your most recent post or alert your target audience to upcoming products and activities. So, post on Stories on a regular basis to attract the correct audience to your profile. Post, Interact, and Attract!

Post, Interact & Inspire!

Social media is nowadays helpful in building a high-level engagement. Here, you can make new friends & followers and inspire others with your own distinctive content. So, post photos & videos and interact with a huge audience. 

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