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The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups for Kids

  Dental health is an extremely important part of our overall health, and it’s never too soon to start.   In Australia, it’s recommended that all children visit a dentist by the time they turn two at the latest. Parents will often either make the first booking around this time, or earlier when their child’s first tooth appears at around six months of age.   As a paediatric dentist in Bondi Junction, we know that regular dental check-ups are vital for children for a wide range of reasons.   It gives parents a chance to ask questions   As new parents, it’s only natural to have questions and concerns about your child’s health. When you’re not an expert yourself, it can be really difficult to tell the difference between what’s normal, what’s a little unusual but harmless, and what could actually cause pain or further damage if left unchecked. That’s why taking children to the dentist regularly from a young age can give parents the chance they need to ask questions and learn more from a