The Importance of Regular Dental Check-ups for Kids


Dental health is an extremely important part of our overall health, and it’s never too soon to start.


In Australia, it’s recommended that all children visit a dentist by the time they turn two at the latest. Parents will often either make the first booking around this time, or earlier when their child’s first tooth appears at around six months of age.


As a paediatric dentist in Bondi Junction, we know that regular dental check-ups are vital for children for a wide range of reasons.


It gives parents a chance to ask questions


As new parents, it’s only natural to have questions and concerns about your child’s health. When you’re not an expert yourself, it can be really difficult to tell the difference between what’s normal, what’s a little unusual but harmless, and what could actually cause pain or further damage if left unchecked.

That’s why taking children to the dentist regularly from a young age can give parents the chance they need to ask questions and learn more from a professional. Parents can get specific answers and advice, such as how to encourage healthy habits at home, what to look out for, and what they might need to work on specifically to improve their child’s health.


These visits can give parents greater peace of mind that they are doing everything they can to provide their children with the best oral health possible.


It avoids problems before they can occur


Much like dental check-ups for adults, regular visits to their Bondi Junction dentist will help to spot any issues early on.


Whether it’s diet, cleaning habits, or genetics, children can have cavities, decay and other issues. However, if they are seeing a dentist regularly, their dentist will often be able to spot the early signs of problems and determine a plan to either fix it immediately, or manage it through better dietary and brushing habits.


For example, one of the most common problems children encounter is dental decay, which leads to cavities. Cavities develop slowly, so if a dentist catches it soon enough, they may be able to apply a fluoride treatment to stop the decay.


Without treatment, cavities can worsen over time and advance down to the root of the tooth, which can be painful for the child and damaging for their long-term oral health. 


It helps to give children healthy oral hygiene habits


One of the most important reasons to book regular dental check-ups for children is to further encourage healthy oral hygiene habits, which confirms and enhances the lessons you teach them at home.


A dentist can improve their brushing technique and encourage them to do it often. A dental professional can also further encourage the child to keep up these good techniques in between appointments, and offer positive reinforcement at each check-up. They will be sure to educate your child about the importance of good dental habits in an accessible, age-appropriate way.


Building good oral hygiene habits early can help to improve those habits throughout life, which supports greater dental health and fewer issues over time.


It offers regular, professional cleaning


Younger children are still learning fine motor skills, which can make it difficult for them to properly brush their teeth even when they are great at brushing in the morning and before bed every night.


The result can mean some teeth get missed, or don’t receive a particularly thorough cleaning. This can lead to plaque build-up in those areas, which can cause decay and damage over time.


For example, it can be hard for a child to properly brush the teeth at the back of their mouth, as this takes finder motor skills than simply brushing those at the front.


With regular dental check-ups, children will also receive regular professional cleanings from a hygienist. This removes any plaque build-up from the teeth, ensuring that even if the child misses some areas, those areas still get the care they need occasionally.


It helps children to get used to visiting the dentist


Fear and anxiety around going to the dentist is not uncommon for adults, and this can sometimes come from experiences they had as children.


In fact, as many as one in seven Australian adults experience dental anxiety, which makes it one of the most common anxiety disorders in the country. 


This can be a huge problem, as it has been proven that higher levels of dental fear are linked to higher incidences of decayed and missing teeth. Adults who are anxious about going to the dentist will not go very often or at all, which can lead to painful dental issues, more serious damage, and more expensive treatments.


However, regular visits as a child can teach children that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Paediatric dentists are exceptionally patient and kind, and can teach kids that even though sitting in a dental chair might not be as fun as playtime, it’s also something that’s important and necessary for their health.


By getting into the habit of seeing a dentist regularly as a child, this experience can become less something to be feared, and more something that’s just another part of life – even if it means a special trip to their favourite playground or a movie night afterwards!


Make an appointment with a paediatric dentist in Bondi Junction


Whether your child is overdue for a check-up or has been having issues with dental pain or discomfort, The Bondi Dentists are here to help.


We offer general family dentistry for everyone, including comprehensive examinations and cleaning, fillings, and preventative dentistry. Our hygienist Nick Karadoukas is a trained Oral Health Therapist for children, and our team is committed to helping children to learn about health oral health habits and ensuring a good relationship with dental professionals from a young age.


Get in touch today to learn more, or to make an appointment for your little ones.

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